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Seeking to get paid on your way, WayPay.Me offers you an easy, safe and affordable way to open and manage your online business. Be paid in your way, send budgets, display your products and services, open your store, communicate with your customers, make prepaid appointments, send personalized emails from your own private business email system. Work from anywhere in the world that works With PayPal or another payment transfer agency of your preference, all this and more you can do it from your phone or computer in real time, without complicated codes, payment for hosting, payment for domains, payments for security codes or privacy, all this Is included in WayPay.Me If you manage a social network like twitter, facebook, instagram etc, managing your business online will be very simple for you. Your business instantly connects with your followers in your social network, opening up an unlimited world of new customers. Built with 4 security systems, WordPress for Business software, PayPal Security System, Login brute force security system, SSL wildcard certification, Span blocker and IP blocker Network, your online business will have all the elements required to manage Business on the Internet and your clients the security of doing business with people who protect their privacy.

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